Town Festivals

January 17th, Sant Antoni.

The night before Saint Anthony's day bonfires are lit and the people eat local sausages which are toasted on the fires, and sing songs that date back to medieval times, about Saint Anthony and the devil. These eerie songs are accompanied by the mesmeric rhythm of the 'ximbomba'. The days events consist of the public blessing of animals at the parish church in the main square, which, in the case of Sóller, is accompanied by a show of horse-riding skills.

2nd weekend in May, Sa Fira and Es Firó.

Sa Fira i Es Firó

This is the main annual festival that is celebrated in Sóller, and is held to commemorate the population of Sóller's victory over Moorish invaders on May 11th, 1561.

Sa Fira
The offering of flowers
The celebrations last for four days although their preparation takes months. During these days there are numerous cultural and sporting events. Starting with the reading of the 'pregó' - an introduction to the events - the 'festas' continue with the investiture of the 'Valentes Dones' (brave women), historic personages who re-enact the valour of two women who managed to defend themselves against a group of Moorish attackers, and the offering of flowers to the 'Virgin of la Victòria'.

The festival consists of two separate parts:
The FIRA that takes place on the Sunday, and includes the 'mercadet' realised by local artisans who exhibit typical products of the Sóller valley, and the livestock fair, which is a show of the different breeds of animals that are found in the Balearics and elsewhere.

The FIRÓ, which is on the Monday, is the culmination of the festivities, and of many weeks of preparation, it is a historical re-enactment of the repression of the Moorish invasion, from the landing of the Moors in the Sóller port to the final victory of the Sollerics after three bloody battles, the last of which takes place in the main square. It is a noisy event, with gunfire (thankfully only blanks) and fireworks, where the pride and enthusiasm of the thousands of people who take part is evident. Es Firó
'Invaders' sacking the bank

June 24th, Sant Joan.

Saint John's day is celebrated with bonfires to welcome in the summer.

June 29th, Sant Pere.

Saint Peter's day is celebrated in the fisherman's quarter in the port, there are many cultural and sporting events.

July. Festes de l'Horta.

In the neighbourhood of l'Horta they commemorate the 'Virgin of la Victòria' with a variety of cultural, sporting and festive events.

August 15th, Festes de Biniaraix.

The 'Mother of God of August' is celebrated in the hamlet of Biniaraix with numerous festive and cultural events.

August 24th, Sant Bartomeu.

Sóller's patron Saint's day, Saint Bartholomew, is a much more intimate event the better-known Fira and Firó. The numbers of visitors are less so the occasion retains its local character. Apart from the cultural activities: Exhibitions, concerts, sporting events etc., it has to be mentioned that on the eve of the patron Saints day, and over the last few years, the group ESCLATABUTZES, have organised the 'correfoc' - the fire-run - which has become known as one of the most impressive fire shows on the island. Esclatabutzes

Cultural activities.

Second half of July. 'Sa Mostra International Folklore Festival'.

Aires Sollerics
Aires Sollerics
The International Folklore Festival of Sóller, organised by the 'Aires Sollerics', has been annually uniting folklore groups from all over the world since 1980. The festival lasts for a week, and while the main events are the public performances of the groups involved, the are also many sessions of cultural interchange between groups, and with the public. Groups have come from as far afield as China, Africa, America and the Far East to take part in this popular and internationally renowned event.

September - October, Classical Music Festival, Sóller Port

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All winter, 'A Winter in Mallorca'.

This cycle is held from November till April all over Mallorca. In Sóller it consists mainly of classical music concerts, with the occasional Jazz Band. The music is of an exceptionally high standard. Other activities include folklore shows, excursions and cultural outings.

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