Tourist and general information for visitors to the Sóller area

The following is a pot-pourri of items that have been suggested as being of use to visitors who are not well versed in local ways, if you think of anything that should be added then please contact us.

Municipal Information Offices

There are two Municipal information offices,
  • facing the Sóller Railway station (Plaça d'Espanya, tel. 971 638008)

  • Canonge Oliver, 10. Puerto de Sóller (tel. 971 633042)
Opening times:
Monday to Friday,
09:30 a 14:00
15:00 a 17:00
Saturday and Sunday,
10:00 a 13:00
Puerto de Sóller
Monday to Friday,
09:30 a 13:00
15:00 a 18:30
10:00 a 13:00
Oficina municipal de información turistica
The Sóller information office

Shopping and office hours

Shops are generally open from 09:30 till 13:00 and from 17:00 till 20:00.
Banks and government offices are usually open from 09:00 till 14:00.
There are a few exceptions but following this rule of thumb you won't go too far wrong.

Public (bank) holidays

There are national holidays every year, added to which are a few provincial and local holidays. On these days banks, government offices and the vast majority of shops are closed, bakeries being the notable exception. It is fairly common that if a national holiday falls on a weekend the day off is carried over to the Monday.

Public Holidays 2015
  • Jan. 1, 6
  • Apr. 2, 3, 6
  • May 1, 11
  • Aug. 15, 24
  • Nov. 2
  • Dec. 7, 8, 25


Chemists are obliged to have a pharmacist available. Pharmacists are highly trained and able to recommend treatment for most common ailments, of course some medicaments require a doctors prescription.

In Sóller there is a chemist on duty 24 hours a day, this is organized on a rota basis, and the municipal police in the town hall building (Plaça Constitució, 1 tel: 971 634141) can tell you which chemist.

The Medical centre (Camí d'es Camp Llarg, s/n. Sóller. tel: 971 633011) provides emergency treatment in most cases, and will arrange for an ambulance to take the patient to one of the hospitals in Palma if neccessary.
All treatment is provided by doctors and their trained assistants, and there is usually someone there who speaks at least a little English.


The local language is Mallorcan, a dialect of Catalan, and everyone speaks fluent Spanish as well. It is not uncommon for people to speak at least a little English and/or French. It is polite to say 'Bon dia' (Good day in Mallorcan) to people you meet away from crowded areas.

The mountains

The 'Serra de Tramuntana' is a much loved destination for walkers, but please be careful. The main risks are fire and the weather. A local business that offers guided walks and bicycle rides is Tramuntana Tours

Forest fires have caused the loss of some of the most beautiful and ecologically important forested areas, fire, in the mountains, is prohibited - please respect this.

Several people, some of them quite experienced walkers, have lost their lives in the mountains. The most common cause is sudden changes in the weather. The island of Mallorca may be relatively small, but the mountains are as high (and as treacherous) as any in the UK.
Having said this, there is no reason not to walk in the mountains, just a real need to be well prepared, to be aware of the weather, and to stick to the paths. It is also a good idea to carry a mobile phone and a whistle. There are several excellent books available that describe some of the routes through the mountains, these may be acquired in one of the bookshops in our commercial directory.

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