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Sóller is the home of two museums and botanical gardens as well as a rich architectural heritage. At the bottom of this page are links to several places that are open to visitors.

A wander around the town can be a fascinating experience, with houses dating back to the 14th century and earlier, and a large number of modernist buildings. Of note are the parish church of Saint Bartholomew in the main square, together with the bank next door, Ca'n Prunera in the 'Carrer de Sa Lluna', and a large number of the houses in the 'Gran Via'. Ca'n Cremat, in the Gran Via

The mountains and sea shore are also great places for a walk, especially in the cooler months of autumn, winter and spring. There is a network of paths through the mountains, many of them cobble-stoned, that were built and used by travellers from one town to the next and the charcoal burners that in bygone times inhabited the mountain range.

One such route that is easy to follow and not too much of a strain is the 'Camí del Rost' that leads from Sóller through the hills to Deià past the fincas of S'Heretat, Ca'n Prohom and Son Coll. The views of Lluc-Alcari are to be remembered.The walk is about 8km. and takes 2 - 3 hours, the trail starts just across the road from the petrol station on the outskirts of Sóller. Llucalcari

There are several books available on the walks that the area has to offer, one that also contains a wealth of architectural and historical information is the 'Guia de Sóller' by Plàcid Pérez, which is available in all of the bookshops in Sóller.

Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences &
Botanical Gardens of Sóller
Ca'n Det, Olive press
'Casal de Cultura' Museum Deià Archaeological Museum
FÓbrica La Luna
Cultural-Gastronomic visit

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