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Map of Sóller
The Parish Church The Bank La Posada de Ca'n Prohom La Casa de la Lluna La Posada de Montcaire The Church de la Sang Ca'n Prunera The Market Ca'n Nou The Museum Casal de Cultura La Gran Via The Old-town centre La Plaça d'Espanya The Sóller Station Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences - Botanical Gardens of Sóller
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1 - The parish church of Saint Bartholomew

Originally built before 1236, it has been modified several times since. As it stands, the main stucture is baroque (1688 - 1733), the tower is neo-gothic, and the facade is modernist designed by Joan Rubió, the catalan architect, in 1904. Walking around the church, one can see the remains of the romanic porches and windows, as well as the 16th century fortifications.

2 - The Bank of Sóller

The bank was founded in 1889 with the money of returning emigrants from Sóller. The modernist building was designed by Joan Rubió in 1912. The building is remarkable for its main entrance arch, it's wrought-iron windows and the stucture of the roof.

3 - La Posada of Ca'n Prohom

'La Posada' is the town residence where the landlords from this part of the island stayed. It's civil Baroque stucture, with it's solid style and bare decoration, is typical of eighteenth century Mallorca.

4 - The House of the Moon

This is a perfect example of the popular architecture of the 15th century, and is decorated with a bas-relief in the shape of the moon.

5 - La Posada of Montcaire

This small residential palace is an example of the architectural product of the transition from civil Baroque to to neo classic, which took place at the end of the 18th century, the visitor should pay special attention to the overhanging roof with its tiles painted in red and white geometric, vegetable or anthropomorphic designs.

6 - The Church 'De la Sang'

A plain, solid neo-classical temple built in the years 1564-72 on the site of the original chapel. It is dedicated to the Christ 'de la Sang', represented by a polychromatic statue (1556), and to the image of 'La Mare de Déu de La Victòria'.

7 - Ca'n Prunera

This house has one of Sóller's most artistic and elaborate façades in the modernist style, and built in the years 1909-11. It is remarkable for its numerous details in stone, wood and wrought-iron. The building houses the Museum of Modernism.

8 - The Market

The market was inaugurated in 1952, the stalls inside offer a variety of local products, especially vegetables and fish.

9 - Ca'n Nou

The avenue of Cristòfol Colom is bordered by gardens and follows the bed of the major torrent, which was covered over in 1912. Ca'n Nou is a modernist building with a small tower, large windows with blinds and a verandah.

10 - Casal de Cultura Museum

A modest family home with garden that was built in 1740 and now houses an ethnological museum, it is well worth a visit

11 - The Gran Via

This is the avenue where many of the most important private houses of the modernist and regional historic styles are located, it is also home to the cultural centre, Ca'n Dulce.

12 - The old town centre

Streets like Vicari Pastor (carrer de la Rosa), Murta, Cristòfol Pizà and Sant Antoni are the best examples of the old town centre. Away from the noise of the traffic, one can observe the different stages of urban development over the last 300 years.

13 - La Plaça d'Espanya

The square was created at the end of the 19th century, and enlarged in 1912. Here stands the monument to the ex-combatants of the civil war that was erected in 1940, and designed by Gabriel Alomar.

14 - The Railway Station

The formerly fortified property of Ca'n Mayol (1606), was transformed into a railway station in the years 1911-12. On the front wall is a stone plaque in memory of the founder of the railway company of Sóller, Jeroni Estades.

15 - Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences - Botanical Gardens of Sóller

This small modernist palace has been fitted out as a science museum. It offers temporary and permanent exhibitions related to Mallorca's zoology, geology and botany. The Botanic Gardens have an important collection of endemic plants as well as species from other Mediterranean islands and the Canaries.

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